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I've just been blog tagged by Butterfly-Crafts which means I have to reveal 7 things about myself and then in turn tag 7 fellow bloggers. Ok lets do this!

1) I have two ferrets and one is named after my nephews imaginary friend

2) The smell of eggs frying actually makes me feel like im sufficating... I get very panicy.

3) I have a bit of ocd with q-tips and my ears... we'll just leave it at that. lol

4) I love the idea of an apocolypse, where everyone must fight to servive

5) I am a puerto rican girl from new jersey now living in England, come on you know its rare.

6) I wear a size 3 in shoes... TINY!

7) I have a weird obsession with blue eyes and wish I was born with a pair of gorgeous blues. :(

Now, the seven people I tag are:
Fantasy Clay